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Casting Lessons, Schools and More

There is something different about fly-fishing. It has a magic about it that places it more in the realm of Zen than sport. No matter how long you practice the art you never reach a peak. There always seems to be something new to learn; a new presentation or cast. Each new stream, river or saltwater flat offers its own unique discoveries. Yet, unlike other sports, the experience gained in fly-fishing isn't encumbered by age. Knowledge and skill continue to reach new plateaus as the years go by. Fly-fishing is truly a sport for a lifetime.

Unfortunately it is the very mystique of fly-fishing that leaves many unsure of how to begin. It was Lao-tsu, or some other Zen-type master that said, "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." That's why Casting Aspersions has put together a selection of introductory fly-fishing programs that will help you take those first few steps on a journey of a lifetime.

In the next few sections you'll discover casting lessons, fly-fishing courses, and casting clinics that will help you on your way. For our fly-fishing schools or casting clinics you can use our fly rod and reels or your own. We will be happy to customize lessons, clinics or schools to your needs.  

Fly Casting Lessons

Whether you are a new or returning fly fisherman, or an experienced caster wanting to improve your double haul for that saltwater trip of a lifetime, our private lessons will help you understand the principles of successful fly-casting and help you learn the mechanics that create the good form that results in an efficient cast with pinpoint control.

Our reasonably priced individual and standard group lessons will put you on the stream with confidence and the ability to cast a fly effectively.

Personal Lessons

Individual $75 per one hour lesson.
For Two $80 per one hour lesson.

Individual $95 per two hour lesson.
For Two $105 per two hour lesson.
Individual lessons are customized to the individual needs of the student. Goals should be discussed beforehand.

Group Lessons

Intro to Fly Casting I
$35 per person (6 to 10 people) three hours.
Students will be introduced to the Five Essentials of fly casting, the mechanics of fly casting, and a review of the materials and gear being used. They will learn the basic "pick up and lay down" cast, the roll cast, the false cast and shooting line.

Intro to Fly Casting II
$35 per person (6 to 10 people) three hours.
For those students who took the first class and for more advanced casters. Learn to form the tighter loops that create effortless casts and superior line control. You will further develop your techniques in the basic cast, as well as the roll cast, and shooting line. Improve accuracy as well as increase line speed for distance casting.

Fly Fishing Schools

Our program is designed for the beginning fly fisher who wants an introduction to the sport. You will learn the essentials of fly-casting, equipment, knot tying, entomology, and stream tactics. After that we will put to practical use the theories learned by fishing for rainbows, browns and native brook trout.

This is the complete course structured for the person who wants to be fully prepared to fish on his or her own. We’ll give you the tools you need to begin the life-long enjoyment fly fishing offers.

Contact us so we can customize a course for you or your group


Corporate / Community Events


Casting clinics are the perfect gender-neutral event for corporate outings or executive retreats. Our fly fishing and fly casting programs are noncompetitive activities that generate a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie. Essential results for a successful event.

Our fly casting programs are ideal for community centers, community college continuing education programs, resort offerings, senior and youth programs, club events and more. Why offer the same old programs when you can present a unique event that can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment? No matter their age or sex, students will experience flycasting at the same level.

Contact us for a reasonabily priced event customized to your needs.


Club Presentations

Tom doesn't do "My day on the Big River" presentations nor does he do fishing techniques. Everything Tom talks about is fly casting. He offers programs that will improve your line control and fly presentation.

His current offering, "Straight Line Path - Mastering the Rules to Break The Rules", teaches casting exercises that help the caster understand rod path and how it affects the cast. He'll show how mastering the exercise will give you a better cast and help you recognize casting path errors when they happen.

Call Tom for more information.

Some Toughts From Tom

In this pressure cooker world fly-fishing offers a tranquil release that, in my personal opinion, can lengthen our stay on this planet offering us more time to finally think like the fish. I guess that could explain the migration of executives trading in their golf clubs for fly rods. I must admit, I have never seen someone try to break a fly rod over their knee. For me a day on the water without catching a fish is better than not being on the water at all.

I must admit, however, that my greatest thrill comes from watching the light come on in a student's eyes when they suddenly "get it." They feel the proper cast and know it's good. I find that I'm now getting more out of teaching fly fishing than fishing itself.